Create Keyphrase Strategies That Drive Conversions, Not Just Traffic

Create Keyphrase Strategies That Drive Conversions | SEO Without Borders

The success of any keyphrase strategy is completely dependent on your ability:

  • To Identify the specific intentions behind your target audience(s) online behavior.
  • To create content around each individual term you select.

Most business owners and marketing executives are familiar with the concept of a keyphrase strategy and anyone who has partnered with an SEO agency has most likely had one created for their business.

Going Beyond Search Volume

The issue with most of these strategies is that they are often based completely on the estimated search volume attached to each identified phrase.

By focusing primarily on search volume, you are missing out on a number of critical details that provide true clarity on the search landscape your business is competing for.

By only looking at search volume, you have no idea:

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Julian ConnorsCreate Keyphrase Strategies That Drive Conversions, Not Just Traffic

Social SEO Completely Explained

The concept of “Social SEO” has certainly become one of the latest trending buzzwords among marketing managers and business owners, but what does it mean?

Even more importantly, how can you use your existing social media profiles in ways that increase your organic visibility and generate actual leads/revenue?

If you’re interested in finding out the answers, check out the video below!

When you’re ready to develop your own custom Social SEO plan that takes your online presence to the next level, give us a call at 518.888.0407.

Keynote Speaker At Atlanta’s SouthWIRED 2014 Conference

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Julian ConnorsSocial SEO Completely Explained