Understanding The Language of Paid Social Campaigns

Paid Social Campaign Jargon | SEO Without Borders

Before you launch a paid social campaign to attract new customers throughout Albany, New York, it’s important to understand the terminology associated with this specific channel.

Take a look at the following terms in order to protect yourself from marketers who use jargon to confuse you or lead you down a particular narrative.

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Julian ConnorsUnderstanding The Language of Paid Social Campaigns

Use Our Tracking Software To Identify Website Visitors

website traffic software for businesses near Albany New York | SEO Without Borders

Did you know only about 3% of your website visitors ever identify themselves? It’s true.

Which means a full 97% are anonymous – incognito site-seers who spend time (often a lot of it) viewing your pages, products, and content.

Who are they? What are their needs? Where are they in the buying process?

SEO Without Borders can help you find out!

With SEO Without Borders, you can quickly uncover who is visiting your site, what company they work for, how they got there, and what they’re viewing … in real time and across time.

So you can get the most out of your website investment, use our website tracking software to turn more visitors into sales-ready leads, and ultimately close more deals.

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Julian ConnorsUse Our Tracking Software To Identify Website Visitors

Technical On-Page SEO 101

technical seo services for businesses near upstate new york | SEO Without Borders

Technical on-page SEO is the process through which a web developer ensures a site’s performance is maximized for reading by search engines (and, by extension, a brand’s consumers).

The benefits of good technical on-page optimization are numerous but, boiled down, they equate to improved search rankings and a better user experience.

The following information will give some of the most fundamental code snippets and explanations regarding their use, as well as some tips regarding other optimization areas which are vital to the correct set-up of your site.

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Julian ConnorsTechnical On-Page SEO 101

How To Optimize For Personal SEO Search Results Near Clifton Park

Optimizing Personal SEO Search Results Near Clifton Park New York | Front Row Seats

It’s been ten years now since our first foray into search marketing and, throughout that time, the issue of how to optimize for personal SEO search results in Clifton Park has often been highlighted as both the best and worst thing about the industry.

The ‘best’ because, in 2016, we have the ability to track a wealth of data that can be used to optimise current performance and inform future strategy. Accurate data, turned into actionable insights, continues to fuel increased digital spending, making digital many businesses’ main marketing channel for the first time.

The ‘worst’ because so many advertisers are still wasting money through poor tracking.

We find that many businesses still only use very basic online conversion tracking, typically AdWords Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics Goals or Analytics Ecommerce Tracking.

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Julian ConnorsHow To Optimize For Personal SEO Search Results Near Clifton Park