How To Audit Your Social Media Strategy Pt 3: Facebook

How To Audit Your Business Facebook Page | SEO Without Borders

Facebook, by its nature, is a more compelling channel for B2C than it is for B2B companies. Even so, 84% of B2B companies are active on Facebook.

Optimizing Your Business Facebook Page

There are over 900 million active users, so even B2B companies can find a target audience and see success on this social channel.

The key to success through this singular social media channel correlates directly with your ability to optimize your Facebook business page.

Company Facebook Page

Your company’s “About Us” section on Facebook should be complete and include all pertinent information, like industry, contact information, website link, and details about the company.

Additionally, make sure your profile photo and cover image are high resolution, on brand, and properly

Your Facebook profile photo should be 180×180 pixels, an d your cover photo should be 851×315 pixels.

Be mindful of the overlap of the profile image over your cover photo.

Page Posts

The major difference between B2C and B2B Facebook accounts is a subtle but important one, and it comes into play when posting to your B2B company page.

You’re targeting people with business interests, and your posting needs to reflect that. Create and curate content that not only appeals to this audience, but inspires response, asks for their expertise or opinion, and reinforces you audience’s role as thought leaders.

By sharing your own knowledge and also asking for or acknowledging the expertise of others, you’re more likely to see response and get your content shared.

It’s often helpful to see Facebook as an extension of your existing social channels.

Take cues from content you’re successfully posting on Twitter and LinkedIn to get an idea of what you should be posting on Facebook.

As with other social channels, image-rich posts are more likely to get noticed, liked and shared. Be mindful of the image size restrictions when posting:

  • An image should be a maximum of 1200×1200 pixels.
  • An image included with a shared link should be 1200×627 pixels.
  • Consistent posting on Facebook is also important.

Though perhaps not as valuable a social outlet as other channels, you should still post daily to keep followers engaged.

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Julian ConnorsHow To Audit Your Social Media Strategy Pt 3: Facebook