How Small Companies Can Compete With National Brands Using SEO Services


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If the idea of competing with national brands by utilizing SEO services seems impossible, think again.

SEO: The Great Equalizer

Today’s buyers are heavily connected to the Internet, no matter where they’re located, what they’re
buying, or what type of device they use.

And, the vast majority of people refuse to buy a product or service without doing some level of research, often looking for reviews from other like-minded buyers.

This is where your SEO services pay off the most.

Consider these consumer trends :

  • 70% – 80% of buyers ignore paid ads and click on organic listings
  • “Near me” interest searches have multiplied 34x since 2014
  • 94% of smartphone users search for location information
  • 51% of mobile local searches result in a store visit
  • 48% of mobile local searches called a store

SEO services for you to consider for regional authority and greater visibility within local search listings

  • Create multiple social media channels that include the name of your community, your business,
    and its address in all appropriate fields
  • Set up various business profiles on some of the more popular directories like Yelp, FourSquare,
    and Whitepages.
  • Implement rich snippets on the back end of your website, around your:
    • Contact information
    • Products/services
    • Testimonials/reviews
    • Employee bios

Note: rich snippets are considered to be SEO services that are a type of structured data that require a bit of specialized expertise.

This might be a good tactic to outsource.

  • Publish article or video content that includes the name of your community in the title and

Does Local SEO Demand Ongoing Attention or Can I Set It Up and Leave It Be?

It’s ongoing.

Searchers appreciate fresh content, and they don’t trust reviews that are dated.

You should show that your company is alive and well by continuously attracting new citations, reviews, links, and social mentions.

Search engines notice this too, in a good way.

If you stop, your potential customers might wonder if you’re still in business.

And, your competition is likely to overcome and surpass the level of local authority you’ve built up, and take over the rankings your business used to fulfill.

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Julian ConnorsHow Small Companies Can Compete With National Brands Using SEO Services