Creating An Inbound Marketing Plan For Businesses Near Clifton Park

Inbound marketing for businesses near Clifton Park is all about understanding who your audiences are.

A buyer persona is a character representing a real person who buys, or might buy, products like the ones you market.

The more you know about these buyers, the more effective your personas will be. Because the more defined and accurate your personas are, the more precisely you can use “person to person” marketing and sales to build a personal relationship with your prospects.

Inbound Marketing for Clifton Park Businesses

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Julian ConnorsCreating An Inbound Marketing Plan For Businesses Near Clifton Park

The Art of Content Marketing

The Art of Content Marketing | SEO Without Borders

Content marketing is commonly considered to be a primarily creative endeavor – oversimplified to the extent that the Field of Dreams maxim of ‘build it and they will come’ is perpetuated with the idea that if content is good enough that it will find its own audience.

Though staggeringly unlikely, it does happen occasionally and such accidental virility in content marketing is enough to perpetuate the myth. However, while there are a few such instances (mostly non-branded memes and videos), branded content marketing succeeds for a very different reason.

That reason is the scientific method:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Do background research
  3. Construct a hypothesis
  4. Test your hypothesis by doing an experiment
  5. Analyze your data and draw a conclusion
  6. Communicate your results

It is only by employing such rigorous methodology and standards that success can become the rule rather than the exception.

The Scientific Method

The scientific method is the long standing academic format for all testing. For a hypothesis to become a theory (in the scientific sense), it must be rigorously researched, tested, analyzed and retested to remove all doubt as to the conclusions drawn.

It may seem odd to apply such a structure to what, as stated previously, is often considered to be a creative practice, yet for the design of a successful content marketing strategy, impact on social media and brand awareness cannot be left to chance.

For any strategy to be truly successful, it must be replicable – and for this, there are few things better equipped than the, itself tried and tested, scientific method. The following sections will detail which stages of the overall marketing process (many of which you may already be aware of) fit with which each level of the process chart and how they can fit together to produce a content marketing strategy on which you can rely for results.

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Julian ConnorsThe Art of Content Marketing

How To Make Any Content SEO Friendly Pt 1: Choose Your Keywords

Choosing the right keywords for a keyphrase strategy - SEO Without Borders

For all the intelligence strides that Google has made in recent years, content optimization is still more about the proper selection and use of keywords than anything else.

In this series, we will review and discuss how Albany’s small business owners can make any content SEO friendly by carefully choosing what terms, forms, and subjects align with their target audience’s online behavior.

Choosing Appropriate SEO Keywords

A keyword is a word or phrase that a person might (realistically) input as a query into a search engine, and for which you would like to see your page served in the results for that query.

How do you know what keywords will be right for your page?

First, figure out what your page is about.

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Julian ConnorsHow To Make Any Content SEO Friendly Pt 1: Choose Your Keywords

Does Google Prefer One Type of Content Over Another?

Does Google Prefer One Type of Content Over Another | SEO Without Borders

No. Creating blog articles instead of image-based content does not necessarily dictate the type of
organic success your business’s website will achieve.

While studies show that video content is more engaging for general online searchers, what’s most important for SEO success is that the content you create is in line with (and fulfills) your target audience’s expectations.

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Julian ConnorsDoes Google Prefer One Type of Content Over Another?

News Flash: Content Isn’t The King You Should Be Bowing To

Content Is Not King | Albany SEO Services | SEO Without BordersThe idea that “content is king” is one of the most overused, over-hyped cliches used by inexperienced digital marketers.

Building Conversion Content

The idea behind this phrase is that adding new content to your website will generate significant levels of traffic, while also increasing the type of authoritative search rankings brands and businesses most desire.

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Julian ConnorsNews Flash: Content Isn’t The King You Should Be Bowing To