Featured In Entrepreneur Magazine: Lesson On How To Earn Legitimate Links

Three As of Link Earning | Jason Corrigan |SEO SEM Social

The concept of earning SEO links seems to be one of the most difficult subjects for strategists, marketers, and business owners to wrap their heads around.

It’s no wonder, either, since Google and other search engines adjust the criteria for what deems a link to be relevant or qualified at such a rapid pace.

If you quickly review the blogosphere on this subject, it’s easy to become confused. Many sources recommend tactics like press releases and guest posts.

Others warn that those forms of content will lead to Google dropping the hammer with a range of severe penalties.

The fact is that earning links is not difficult to do when approached and understood correctly.

Why Links Are “Earned” Today, as Opposed to “Built”

As search engines continue to develop their ability to interpret and understand quality content, their standards for how websites obtain authority continue to rise, as well.

In 2009, strategists could achieve premier rankings by embedding links on just about any website, regardless of the link’s value to users or its relation to the original domain.

Now, business owners are tasked with the responsibility for creating relationships with relevant thought influencers that offer high quality content to online consumers.

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Julian ConnorsFeatured In Entrepreneur Magazine: Lesson On How To Earn Legitimate Links