How Clifton Park Businesses Can Manage SEO Citations on Google and Bing

optimizing google and bing places for businesses near clifton park new york | SEO Without Borders

Many of the more important directories, such as Google Places and Bing Places, allow you to claim your Clifton Park citations and edit them as required.

However, you’ll usually need to verify that you are the real owner of the business, and many such online services use an automated verification system by calling the phone number provided or send a postcard in the mail.

Google and Bing Places Citation Cleanup

In order to cleanup or optimize your SEO citations with Google and Bing Places:

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Julian ConnorsHow Clifton Park Businesses Can Manage SEO Citations on Google and Bing

How To Fix Your Clifton Park Business’s SEO Citations

Fixing Local SEO Citations | SEO Without Borders

Once you have properly audited your local citation profile, and you have a list of all of the problematic citations, you’ll need to fix the data.

Particularly if your company’s NAP has changed in the past, the task of fixing them can be time-consuming and complicated, but there is no way around it.

If the number of incorrect or duplicate citations are in the hundreds, you should start by dealing with the most important online directories, such as those included by the data aggregators mentioned previously.

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Julian ConnorsHow To Fix Your Clifton Park Business’s SEO Citations

Local SEO Citations and Data Aggregators

importance of local seo citations for clifton park businesses | seo without borders

2015 (blue) vs. 2013 (orange)

As your Clifton Park business grows, so will the number of local SEO citations.

This is something you don’t have complete control over because the way many websites pull data from data aggregators. So the next best thing is for you to make sure these data aggregators are correct.

The four main aggregators are:

  • Localeze
  • Infogroup
  • Acxiom
  • Factual
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Julian ConnorsLocal SEO Citations and Data Aggregators

Citation Cleanup For Businesses Near Clifton Park

Citation Audit For Businesses Near Clifton Park New York | Staples

Step 1: Gather all current and inconsistent NAP data

Before you begin, it is important to firmly establish your priorities. If there are hundreds, or even thousands of problematic citations online, make sure that you focus primarily on the ones listed on the most popular websites as well as those that are specific to your industry and your geographical location.

In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at how to identify possible variations in your citations that could be causing problems with your ranking in the search engines.

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Julian ConnorsCitation Cleanup For Businesses Near Clifton Park

How Small Companies Can Compete With National Brands Using SEO Services


seo services | seo without borders

If the idea of competing with national brands by utilizing SEO services seems impossible, think again.

SEO: The Great Equalizer

Today’s buyers are heavily connected to the Internet, no matter where they’re located, what they’re
buying, or what type of device they use.

And, the vast majority of people refuse to buy a product or service without doing some level of research, often looking for reviews from other like-minded buyers.

This is where your SEO services pay off the most.

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Julian ConnorsHow Small Companies Can Compete With National Brands Using SEO Services

How Can I Attract More Online Customer Reviews?

Attract online customer reviews | SEO Without Borders

The best way to attract online customer reviews is to directly ask your customers, as well as advertise on your website how they can follow through with this request.

Set up alerts, if you can, so you know when a review has been posted.

Attract Customer Reviews

This lets you respond and thank them; an unacknowledged review can turn an advocate into a less enthusiastic customer.

Two simple ways you can do this are:

  • Post the logos of your Google+ Business Page and other owned social media profiles on the windows of your business
  • Include profile links in all your customer-facing material, such as email, direct mail items, flyers, receipts, etc.
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Julian ConnorsHow Can I Attract More Online Customer Reviews?

Citation Optimization: How Does Your Data Get Messy?

local citations for local seo | seo without borders

As your business’s reach continues to expand, incorrect citations will inevitably start to appear over time,
and in some cases, they may not even be a result of your own mistakes or those of your employees.

For this reason, it is wise to conduct a local citation optimization audit every few months to ensure that your information is correct in as many listings as possible so that the vast majority of the information being fed into search engines is consistent with your listing in your Google My Business account.

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Julian ConnorsCitation Optimization: How Does Your Data Get Messy?