Most Common Marketing Mistakes: Thinking Mobile SEO Isn’t For You

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Econsultancy reports that 39% of marketers have no mobile SEO strategy.

Given the fact that consumers now spend more time on their mobile devices than they do on their desktop devices, missing that opportunity is a big mistake.

The challenge with mobile SEO is that it’s a little more intimidating than social media or email marketing.

Marketers are still scratching their heads on how to use it to grow their business. And it may require technical change to your website and email messages in order for you to use it well.

That said, when it all comes down to it, mobile technology is really not all that complex.

There are seven key categories for mobile SEO:

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Julian ConnorsMost Common Marketing Mistakes: Thinking Mobile SEO Isn’t For You

Key, Must-Have Features For Mobile Websites

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B2C: If you own a brick-and-mortar retail business, you will want to make sure that your address, hours of operation, and driving directions are presented prominently through the footer and header sections of your mobile website.

If you offer goods or products, consider adding an e-commerce feature to your mobile website, such as a shopping cart or checkout section.

Including a “click-to-call” phone number that allows users on your mobile website to immediately contact your business (without having to key in your phone number) is a great way to drive immediate conversions.

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Julian ConnorsKey, Must-Have Features For Mobile Websites

What Does Mobile SEO Mean?

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Mobile SEO” or “mobile optimization” describes the effort of applying search engine optimization elements that help increase your website’s visibility in mobile search queries.

Consider that search is the leading web-based activity performed on mobile devices.

Mobile SEO can have a profound impact on your retail business by attracting on-the-go consumers.

For B2B, remember that people looking for business information are also increasingly using smart phones and tablets to get it.

Make sure that their questions can be answered by your website –however they choose to access it.

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Julian ConnorsWhat Does Mobile SEO Mean?