Citation Cleanup For Businesses Near Clifton Park

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Step 1: Gather all current and inconsistent NAP data

Before you begin, it is important to firmly establish your priorities. If there are hundreds, or even thousands of problematic citations online, make sure that you focus primarily on the ones listed on the most popular websites as well as those that are specific to your industry and your geographical location.

In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at how to identify possible variations in your citations that could be causing problems with your ranking in the search engines.

You can list possible variations in your NAP by creating a spreadsheet and writing down the correct name, phone number and address of your business along with a list all of the possible variations that you can think of, including common misspellings, mistyped numbers or old names, numbers and addresses.

  • Have you changed phone numbers or used other numbers?
  • Have you moved or changed addresses?
  • Have you changed the website addresses?
  • Do you have any other businesses?

Step 2: Find and record all the NAP variations

Other ways to look for possible variations include the following:

  • If you have a listing on the Better Business Bureau website, double check to verify there are no additional names, addresses or phone numbers associated with your business. Also, check out this article on hacking the BBB to find bad data by Darren Shaw at Local Visibility System.
  • Search for your business in the classic Google Map Maker, open the History tab and click ‘Show all changes’ to see a list of any changes to your business’s NAP.
  • Open up you r Google My Business dashboard if you have one, and click on ‘Manage reviews.’ Scroll down to see a list of reviews from around the web, and view full reviews to check for any variations in your NAP.
  • Check for any cell phones of the company principles or tracking phones you may have used.
  • Check your corporate records filed with the state. Many business owners start their business while in a home office or shared office and forget to update their details once they move.
  • If you use fictitious names or a DBA, check these too.

You may also want to list minor secondary issues, such as if your company name is missing the definite
article in a listing. Leave as is.

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