Most Common Marketing Mistakes: Thinking Mobile SEO Isn’t For You

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Econsultancy reports that 39% of marketers have no mobile SEO strategy.

Given the fact that consumers now spend more time on their mobile devices than they do on their desktop devices, missing that opportunity is a big mistake.

The challenge with mobile SEO is that it’s a little more intimidating than social media or email marketing.

Marketers are still scratching their heads on how to use it to grow their business. And it may require technical change to your website and email messages in order for you to use it well.

That said, when it all comes down to it, mobile technology is really not all that complex.

There are seven key categories for mobile SEO:

  • Mobile websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile emails
  • SMS
  • Proximity marketing
  • Mobile display
  • Mobile paid search

Each of these categories has its strengths and weaknesses for B2B marketers, so be sure to explore each one in order to put it to use for your business.

Content can be extremely effective.

However, if you’re just pushing out content for the sake of pushing out content, you’ll get diminishing returns over time for your mobile SEO strategy.

The only way to succeed at content marketing is for the reader to feel as though the content was written specifically for them, and for the content to be of such high quality that they come back for more.

In the old days, it was fine to focus on quantity of content over quality of content.

Google tended to rank websites that were updated on a regular basis higher than those that weren’t.

But today, Google ranks web pages based on a wider variety of criteria, including engagement, with increasing emphasis on time on site, as well as social sharing.

They see time on site and social sharing as two key indicators that your content is resonating with your mobile SEO audience.

Correct This Mistake By Leveraging Mobile SEO

Raise your standards for creating mobile SEO content by:

  • Resisting the temptation to share content that isn’t stellar.
  • Going for quality over quantity. You’re far better off with one good piece than five or even ten not-so-good pieces.

And, if you’re bold enough, have a strong point of view that is not commonly held by others. In other words, if you can take and defend a contrarian point of view on a topic, you’ll get people to sit up and
take notice.

And when people sit up and take notice, they spend more time on your page and share it with more friends.

That’s a path towards success.

Let Us Help You Create Your Mobile SEO Strategy

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Aligning with new consumers has never been more possible than now.

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Julian ConnorsMost Common Marketing Mistakes: Thinking Mobile SEO Isn’t For You