Create A Killer Keyphrase Strategy That Drives Traffic and Revenue

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There are some content marketers that play loose when creating keyword strategies that are meant to drive organic search engine rankings. They shun proper analysis and research, and merely take wild guesses at whether or not a particular keyword is worth pursuing.

Creating Keyphrase Strategies

If you create content for the Internet without considering SEO and keywords, you might rank within Google, the level of relevancy and qualification regarding conversions will be significantly diminished.

This is when you should consider changing or altering your SEO strategy so that you can let your company’s website grab its share of search engine traffic for conversions and branding.

How should you use keywords?

If you’re using them only to optimize your site for organic search, then you’re missing out on ways in which you could gain visibility from your target audience.

Keywords are indeed a vital part of your online marketing strategy and unless you use the right keywords for your content marketing campaign, it is not possible to command great ranking positions within search engine result pages (SERPS).

Utilizing your keywords beyond website optimization – Some more ways to note

Keywords are not only used to rank for basic website optimization. Check out the ways in which you can use your keywords to their utmost.

  • Content topic development: In case you’re developing content with a motive of getting more visibility in search, you might wish to create content that is based on specific keyword phrases your target audience uses when searching online. First, you can create some great pieces of content just by keeping your readers in mind. Once you’ve created a particular type of article or post, you can find keyword phrases that fit in best and optimize your article around them.
  • Social media profile optimization: Do you wish to increase the chances of people locating you more often on social media sites? Social media networks have significant gained momentum in popularity and usage over the last few years, and if you wish to go for social media optimization, keywords are the answer. If you’re not optimizing your social media profiles and the other pages for your keyword phrases, you might be just missing out on customers who are searching for services you offer.
  • Branding: Are you interested in creating a strong brand for your company or business? If you answered yes, then you need to consider what keyword phrase sums up your entire core offering and then spread it everywhere, both online and offline. This will enable you to brand your business in ways that bolster your profile and allow your target audiences to recognize one consistent and concise message you want them to recognize you for or as. When people ask you what your business does, you should have a consistent answer, eliminating all kind of confusion.
  • Social media update optimization: Apart from the profiles and pages, did you know that your social media updates can also be optimized with the right keywords? If you want your “likes” and Tweets to be found throughout social search, you have to optimize each individual update you send out. You just have to be specific with the keywords and phrases you use, as mentioned before, and then include them in each relevant status update.
  • Directory listing: During the early days of SEO, the main objective of directory submissions was to get as many links as possible with some anchor text that was keyword optimized. You still need to use keywords when developing directory link-building strategies, although the way you go about this process is much different today. Instead of spamming your website’s link across any entire network, you should search the target phrases and keywords on Google to check if a general, local or niche directory appears on the first page of the SEPS.
  • Offline marketing: The usage of keywords shouldn’t only be restrained to online marketing. You also need to think of ways in which you can incorporate them into offline marketing too. Take a close look at your marketing tactics and spot any mistakes that might bring down the results of your efforts. If you have business cards, do they have one or two keyword phrases which could inform people about what you sell? If no, add them immediately.

In a nutshell, you should add keywords that drive conversions and not only help you in obtaining traffic.

The more are the conversions, the better will be the revenue that you can generate for your company.

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Julian ConnorsCreate A Killer Keyphrase Strategy That Drives Traffic and Revenue