Creating An Inbound Marketing Plan For Businesses Near Clifton Park

Inbound marketing for businesses near Clifton Park is all about understanding who your audiences are.

A buyer persona is a character representing a real person who buys, or might buy, products like the ones you market.

The more you know about these buyers, the more effective your personas will be. Because the more defined and accurate your personas are, the more precisely you can use “person to person” marketing and sales to build a personal relationship with your prospects.

Inbound Marketing for Clifton Park Businesses

One effective way to develop personas is to interview your best customers, the ones you want to replicate. Get to know how they came to be your customer, and why they are satisfied by your product or service.

Your buyer persona should include a short biography of a typical customer, their pain points, their fears, and what it would be like for them if you could help.

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Inbound Marketing Inventory Worksheet

Customize this worksheet to fit your own needs. Your categories might be formats (as shown), or products, or anything else that makes sense in your world.

The objective is to list all your content so you can see what you have to work with (and, more importantly where your gaps are). Note whether an asset has a landing page.

Find content: check your website and your blog. Talk to your sales team, your customer service people, and your product managers.

Look at past email campaigns, executive summaries, presentation decks, videos, podcasts, and print collateral. Use these examples as a guide to get started.

Inbound Marketing Inventory Worksheet for SEO and Content Marketing

Map Content to Buyer Stage Worksheet

Now you can put it all together so you can send the right message to the right person at the right time. Begin by mapping your content to your buyer’s process.

You will probably find gaps, which will help you pinpoint what kind of content to create next.

Buyer Stage Worksheet and Inbound Marketing in Clifton Park

A Use Case

Next, apply the content in each funnel stage to the personas you have created.

As an example, suppose you are selling a very expensive screen printing press to a company that sells sports-team branded merchandise.

The buying team you face has four people: the CEO, who is concerned with all aspects of the company; the VP of Finance, who focuses on costs and margins; the VP of Marketing, who wants new types of products in more colors; and the Manager of Operations, who manages the team of people who will be hands-on with the equipment.

He wants a press that’s easy to operate and lets him do more without increasing the size of his team.

They all want the same thing – an efficient press offering new capabilities – but for different reasons.

They may be at different stages; Operations may be convinced, but Finance is just beginning to think about the need.

Be aware, so you can use different content to appeal to their individual buying concerns.

Mapping out content personas for businesses near clifton park new york

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Julian ConnorsCreating An Inbound Marketing Plan For Businesses Near Clifton Park