Does Google Prefer One Type of Content Over Another?

Does Google Prefer One Type of Content Over Another | SEO Without Borders

No. Creating blog articles instead of image-based content does not necessarily dictate the type of
organic success your business’s website will achieve.

While studies show that video content is more engaging for general online searchers, what’s most important for SEO success is that the content you create is in line with (and fulfills) your target audience’s expectations.

If your online visitors convert into customers after being educated about the history, benefits, and
uses of your services, you might want to invest in lengthier content that focuses on presenting as
much detail as possible.

If your audience converts based on the experiences your brand offered other like-minded buyers,
video testimonials should be an effective component of your content mix.

Optimizing your content’s title, description, images (if included), and metadata are also a part of what makes your content SEO-friendly. But creating content that is meaningful to your specific online
audience is the only way to ensure organic success for the long haul.

Julian ConnorsDoes Google Prefer One Type of Content Over Another?