How To Get Your Blog Found and Shared By New Customers Throughout Clifton Park

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Optimizing your blog to attract new customers from Clifton Park is critical for small businesses located throughout Upstate New York and the Capital Region.

If people can’t see your site, how are they going to get to know you as a brand and company they can trust?

A big part of this is making sure your blog performs well in search engine rankings.

Search engines rank sites according to a range of indicators, from the freshness of your content to the keywords you include.

Blog Optimization For Consumers Near Clifton Park

To help you get to grips with this sometimes tricky aspect of blog marketing, here’s a quick-fire introduction to search engine optimization (SEO):

Make Sure You Provide Valuable Content For Customers Near Clifton Park, New York

Search engines are looking to connect web users with content that they will find valuable and informative.

This means it’s crucial that you focus on creating useful posts that are relevant to people’s search queries.

Use The Right Keyterms That Align With Customers From Clifton Park

Stuffing too many keywords and key phrases into content is a big no-no as this is a sure fire way to put readers off.

However, it’s useful to include some words or phrases in your posts that will be indexed highly by search engines.

Think about what people will type into search engines when they’re looking for relevant content.

Post New Content Often

Search engines like fresh content.

The more frequently you update your blog, the more often these companies will send their crawlers to your site in order to index it.

So, making regular posts should help to increase the visibility of your blog.

Encourage Inbound Linking From Other Clifton Park Businesses

Getting other websites to point to your blog can be an effective way to improve your SEO.

One way to encourage inbound links is to make sure you create quality content that others want to share.

You can also network with fellow bloggers to make them aware of your site and the sort of posts you create.

Socializing Your Blog For Clifton Park

Social media is just that – social. It’s about joining in the conversation online.

This element of web marketing is unavoidable in 2016, and is something businesses and bloggers alike should be embracing in order to reinforce their brand message, build authority online in their niche area, and – most importantly – interact with those who follow their brand.

A report published by Social Media Examiner has highlighted the growing significance of social media.

It revealed that two-thirds of marketers intend to increase their use of sites such as Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

It also found that more than nine in 10 marketers (91%) want to know the most effective tactics on social channels to engage with their target audiences.

To help you master the art of interacting on social media, it’s worth paying attention to the following pointers:

Create A Community For Clifton Park Customers

Follow those who have similar interests or who live in your area to try and create an online community of like-minded individuals.

Interact With Customers from Clifton Park

Connect with those who interact with you, and try to ensure your responses aren’t just generic.

Also, respond to people in a timely, polite and friendly manor.

If you don’t know the answer to their questions straight away, perhaps encourage them to direct message or email you for further details.

Use Hashtags To Attract New Customers From Clifton Park

Using hashtags is a great way to connect with online communities. For example #smallbiz, #cliftonpark, #B2Bchat, #Startups, and #SocialBusiness all have regular chats that you can join in with online simply by searching for those hashtags on Twitter.

Keep Up With New Social Media Platforms Used By Clifton Park Consumers

Snapchat now has over 100 million daily active users, and Periscope is a growing platform with over 2 million users each day.

These new, social technologies are a great way to interact with new audiences and potential customers as they are interactive and in real time.

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Julian ConnorsHow To Get Your Blog Found and Shared By New Customers Throughout Clifton Park