How Can I Tell The Difference Between Organic and PPC Ads?

What Is The Difference Between PPC and Organic Search Listings | SEO Without Borders

Often, the entries at the very top of the search engine results page you’re using will be PPC ads.

They also often display a yellow “Ad” icon at the beginning of the address.

They may also appear in a column on the right hand side of your browser instead of, or in addition to, the top few positions of the search engine page. The search listings that follow paid ads are organic returns.

How Can I Integrate My SEO Campaign With My PPC and Social Media Efforts?

Such an integration amplifies both your organic and paid efforts, making both more effective and cost-efficient.

  • Begin by identifying the range of keyphrases your audience uses when they search online for
    what your company offers (which should be what you would like to be found for)
  • Build content that optimizes those keywords and concepts, and offers rich answers to the
    searcher’s intent when they ask search questions
  • Leverage the same keywords and concepts in paid ads, so you can attract new potential
    customers through both channels, and so your organic and paid content are consistent with
    each other
  • Share this content through your established social media profiles, using similar keyphrases that
    resonate with your followers helps increase your business’s top-of-mind awareness, as well as
    catalyze immediate conversions through word-of-mouth advertising
  • Set up advertising tactics such as retargeting, where you are able to continuously place your
    business’s ad and logo in front of online users who visited your website but didn’t convert into
    a customer

When paid search tactics are complemented with organic content that aligns with the online user’s
expectations and answers their specific questions, you can begin to push them through your
conversion funnel until they finally engage with more commitment, or purchase.

Once this happens, you can set up automated social sharing systems that urge each converted online
user to announce their engagement with your brand, again catalyzing word-of-mouth advertising and
restarting this ever-revolving cycle.

Julian ConnorsHow Can I Tell The Difference Between Organic and PPC Ads?