How Do You Create Metadata for SEO Campaigns In Albany?

How To Create Metadata For SEO Campaigns In New York | SEO Without Borders

Page Title

  • Include the target keyphrase
  • Separate concepts or categories by using a pipe filter ( “|” ) instead of dashes or underscores, e.g. SEO Services In Albany | Digital Marketing Solutions.
  • End each Page Title with your brand’s name. Doing so allows you to properly convey to search engines that the keyword or phrase you used at the beginning of the title are connected to your business, e.g. SEO Services In Albany | SEO Company | SEO Without Borders.
  • Don’t exceed 65– 70 characters, depending on the type of CMS your website uses.

Meta Description

  • Use the target keywords associated with each web page as they would occur naturally within a brief summary for what the page represents; this copy sets your audience’s expectations.
  • Try not to use punctuation marks, or any type of symbol such as ampersands or quotations. These characters tend to skew a search engine’s ability to understand what is being described.
  • Do not exceed 156 characters.
  • If you’re unsure how to describe each page, just think about the elevator pitch you would use to convince a qualified prospect to read this page.
  • Align the tone with the subject of each page. Some industries and companies (entertainment, retail) can use a lighter tone, more casual language, and more emotional punctuation, such as exclamation points. Others (health care, financial services, legal, etc.) should probably be less casual, and more respectful or more conservative.

Header Tags

  • Used to convey priority of meaning and subjects on a particular landing page:
  • H1 tags – title of each landing page – SEO Services
  • H2 tags – secondary title – SEO Services In Albany
  • H3 tags – subheadings – Contact Us Today, Hear From Our Clients, Read Our Case Studies

URL Structure

  • Separate each category with a forward slash “/” in order to properly organize the content of your website.
  • Don’t use underscores to separate terms, as search engines treat them like letters and so regard your “my_company_rocks” URLs as one long, unrecognizable string of letters. They cannot parse the string to understand each individual keyword. Use dashes instead: “mycompany-rocks”. Do not use blank spaces.
  • Don’t exceed 115 characters
  • Don’t capitalize the first letter of each word.
  • Don’t include articles like:
    • ‘“A” or “an”
    • “And”
    • “If”
    • “On”

Image Alt Tags

  • State what each image represents, using specific key terms that your business is trying to increase its online authority for, e.g., Chart-SEO-Effectiveness.
  • End each tag with a pipe filter, followed by your business’s name, e.g “How To Develop A Keyphrase Strategy | SEO Without Borders.”
Julian ConnorsHow Do You Create Metadata for SEO Campaigns In Albany?