How Does Word Count Affect SEO?

How Does Word Count Affect SEO | SEO Without Borders

Google and other search engines do not require websites to have a tremendous amount of text in order to achieve superior visibility.

However, there are plenty of studies that show a direct correlation between lengthier content (content that has 1,500 words or more) and:

  • Increased visibility
  • Increased user engagement
  • Increased social shares
  • Increased conversions
  • Increased revenue

This doesn’t mean you have to make sure that every page on your website has that much content.

But when you have relevant information your target audience is looking for, in rich detail, that will go a long way in supporting your website’s overall SEO goals – partly because it’s more likely to satisfy your readers.

How Many Links Should I Have On Each Landing Page or Blog Article?

A general rule of thumb is to have no more than one link for every 400–450 words. Use external links only when citing an external source, such as for a statistic.

If you’re offering multiple citations within a small amount of text, forego a few of the external links and just name the source.

Too many links may lead Google and other search engines to conclude that you’re creating an excessive amount of links as a means of increasing your keyword rankings.

Worse, they can be distracting to the reader.

Make sure the links are relevant, and add value.

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Julian ConnorsHow Does Word Count Affect SEO?