Key, Must-Have Features For Mobile Websites

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B2C: If you own a brick-and-mortar retail business, you will want to make sure that your address, hours of operation, and driving directions are presented prominently through the footer and header sections of your mobile website.

If you offer goods or products, consider adding an e-commerce feature to your mobile website, such as a shopping cart or checkout section.

Including a “click-to-call” phone number that allows users on your mobile website to immediately contact your business (without having to key in your phone number) is a great way to drive immediate conversions.

B2B: Make sure your mobile website is able to adapt to the parameters associated with various types of smartphones and tablet devices; making it responsive is the best bet.

Be mindful of how your design feels and how it supports your ability to attract, retain, and convert new potential customers.

Consider including features that allow for voice search

  • Use keywords that align with semantic search to attract users who verbally search with statements, questions, and long tail phrases
  • Make sure that the call-to-actions on your mobile site are clearly visible, can be used without having to adjust the size of the screen, and can be clicked without hitting another link
  • Don’t use popup ads that ask for contact information, as users are likely to bounce from your site

How Can I Test My Mobile Site Before I Officially Launch It?

Test your mobile website to identify and fix functionality issues, poor quality or broken links, and confusing navigational problems.

Tools you can use to test your mobile website’s optimization include:

  • Duda Mobile
  • Mobile Moxie
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • W3C mobile
  • OK Checker

How Can I Track The Success of My Mobile Campaign?

The most popular, user-friendly mobile website monitoring system is Google Analytics. This is a free website monitoring tool that allows you to gain tremendous insight around traffic patterns and consumer behavior.

Other platforms that offer critical insight around mobile traffic and consumer behavior are: – An API that allows you to integrate all the analytics data on your website and send them to the analytics tool of your choice

MixPanel – Serves as an analytics solutions for both web and mobile applications. Some of the benefits of this platform are that you can review data in real time, track retention, and understand in-depth details that pertain to device, location, and search patterns.

Flurry – This free mobile application is great for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Window Phone, and mobile web platforms. This particular tool is focused mostly on user acquisition and offers information on:

  • Sessions
  • Session duration
  • Retention
  • Frequency of visits
  • Audience persona
  • Demographics

Whichever platform(s) you choose to use, make sure that you are able to review the following metrics that support your ability to maximize monthly opportunities dedicated to mobile traffic and conversions:

  • Sessions
  • Location
  • Devices used
  • New vs Returning sessions
  • Mobile vs. Tablet sessions
  • Conversions/transactions
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Julian ConnorsKey, Must-Have Features For Mobile Websites