Local SEO Citations and Data Aggregators

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2015 (blue) vs. 2013 (orange)

As your Clifton Park business grows, so will the number of local SEO citations.

This is something you don’t have complete control over because the way many websites pull data from data aggregators. So the next best thing is for you to make sure these data aggregators are correct.

The four main aggregators are:

  • Localeze
  • Infogroup
  • Acxiom
  • Factual

Local SEO Citation Checking Tools

Fortunately, there are a variety of tools to help make the task of finding problematic citations a bit easier.

Such tools typically won’t help you track down citations on some smaller or niche-specific directories or websites, but they generally cover most of the larger, more important resources.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best data aggregators online and how to use them for tracking down your citations.

Advice Local

Just enter your business phone number and run a free report. On the report, you can see wrong listings, duplicate data, bad NAP, and listings in which you need to be included but are not. This is a great blueprint for fixing your data and for identifying problems.

Local site submits also offer a service to fix everything for you or your clients, as well as a white labelled dashboard for resellers or brands.

Other tools for running citation reports include:

  • GoDaddy Local
  • Universal Business Listing
  • Synup
  • Yext
  • Connectivity
  • Where 2 Get It
  • Moz Local

How To Look for Bad Data Using Google Advanced Search Operators

Before you resort to using paid tools to audit and clean up your local citations, there are a number of methods you can use to track down most important issues.

One of the first places to turn is Google itself, where you can make use of various advanced search operators to help find problematic citations. Although a fair amount of trial and error is involved here, you’ll need to use the search engine to search for the variations in your NAP that you have written down.

If your business has ever changed its phone number or address, you should also conduct searches for your business name and its old address: any citations that show up will need to be updated.

Ensure that each element (the name, address, and phone number) are kept in quotation marks so that
Google searches for the exact terms entered. Use a minus symbol before a quoted element to exclude it entirely from the search results.

Another effective way to identify problematic data is to use the “site:” operator. In this way, you can search specific websites and online directories for mentions of your business and ensure their accuracy.

Once you’re armed with a list of the most important local citation resources that include your company, search for your company in Google using the following format:

Site: Yelp.com “Your Company’s Name”

Yelp is a major local citation resource, so you’ll likely want to search for any listing that your company might have on the website. To search other sites, simply replace “yelp.com” with the website you want to search.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the other searches you can try:

  • To find citations with incorrect or alternative phone numbers, refer to the list of possibilities you wrote down previously in your spreadsheet, as well as any that came to light after using data aggregators (such as those mentioned previously). Using Google, search for each variation or incorrect version of the phone number, ensuring that you accompany each search query with the name of your company preceded by a plus symbol.
  • To find citations with incorrect business names, try searching for the correct phone number followed by the name of your company in quotation marks, preceded by a minus symbol. Doing so will exclude results with your company’s name, thus helping you find citations that mention your company’s phone number but not its correct name.
  • In order to find other citations that may or may not be correct, you can also try searching for your
    business name and address or for your business name and zip code.
  • You can find correct citations simply by entering your city name, zip code, company name, and phone number into Google, using quotation marks and plus symbols for a more precise search.

Determine Which Citations Need To Be Fixed

These are the variations you should worry about:

  • Different business name > Same address/phone
  • Different phone > Same name/address
  • Different address > Same name/phone

Fixing The Data On Most Important Sites

  • Don’t start with the citation sites that are getting data from major data providers.
  • Don’t start with the citation sites that could be getting data from major data providers like Localeze or Infogroup because two months later the bad listings can shows up on the site again.

Government Sources

Most states have a searchable business registry on the Secretary of State site. Use your list of NAPs and search for all variations of the business information and contact them to fix any incorrect details.

Phone Company

Double check your NAP information on file at the telco that the business deals with. Online billing is a good place to start.


Double check your NAP information through utility companies that your business deals with. Online billing is a good place to start.

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