Do Metadata and On-site Optimization Strategies Change When Trying To Rank Locally?

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The same principles that we covered in Question 30 apply to local SEO when it comes to the
parameters around creating page titles, meta descriptions, and other forms of metadata.

Local SEO

In addition, local SEO calls for:

  • The inclusion of your business’s NAP within the universal footer section of your website
  • The addition of keywords within your page titles, header tags, and meta descriptions that include
    the city and state your business operates in
  • The use of rich snippets or Schema markup that allows search engines to understand and display
    your location more easily
  • The inclusion of a Keyhole Markup Language (KML) file on your website. This is an XML- based
    file format that helps search engines display data about your immediate location in Internet based,
    two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional Earth browsers, including:

    • Google Earth
    • Google Maps
    • Google Maps for mobile

How Do I Go About Attracting Local Citations?

There are tools available, such as the WhiteSpark local citation finder, which can help you identify the
best citation sources within your community.

Connecting with other businesses that are similar to yours or cater to the same audiences is another
way to attract local links.

If they have a blog, try contributing your own guest posts to expand your local reach, while also increasing your online authority, visibility, and rankings.

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Julian ConnorsDo Metadata and On-site Optimization Strategies Change When Trying To Rank Locally?