What Does Mobile SEO Mean?

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Mobile SEO” or “mobile optimization” describes the effort of applying search engine optimization elements that help increase your website’s visibility in mobile search queries.

Consider that search is the leading web-based activity performed on mobile devices.

Mobile SEO can have a profound impact on your retail business by attracting on-the-go consumers.

For B2B, remember that people looking for business information are also increasingly using smart phones and tablets to get it.

Make sure that their questions can be answered by your website –however they choose to access it.

What Is A Mobile-Friendly Web Page?

For a web page to be considered “mobile-friendly,” it needs it either be built with responsive design or as a separate, mobile-specific website (“m.” websites).

The most effective way to ensure that your entire website can be found and engaged by mobile searchers is to have a responsive website.

What Is Responsive Design?

This is a fluid-grid design that determines what type of device is accessing it, and responds by displaying the most appropriate layout for that device. This results in high-quality, interactive experiences, and allows readers to:

  • Easily read copy
  • Immediately navigate to the most desired web page
  • Easily scroll without having to adjust screen settings
  • Easily pan in and out

The page layout does not shrink; it changes, leaving out many elements that would display on a larger screen.

Responsive websites align with the parameters of each and every single type of smartphone, tablet, and desktop device, ensuring that your website will display as your prefer in each instance.

How Can I Tell If My Website Is Mobile-Friendly?

You can enter your website into Google’s mobile-friendly testing platform to see:

  • How well it displays on mobile devices
  • How search crawlers view your website/web page
  • How you can improve your existing environment

What the Best Practices For Optimizing My Mobile Presence?

There are three specific considerations to be aware of when optimizing your mobile web pages.

Don’t use Flash elements

Flash is infamous for security flaws, malware, and bugs. It’s also slow, clumsy, and power-draining.

What’s more important is that Apple devices don’t support it, including phones and tablets.

The new standard is the HTML5 Canvas element.

Remove all popups that block or prevent site access

If you mobile users confront full-page popup ads, it diminishes their experience and might motivate them to leave your website right away.

Make sure that your content is the same for mobile and desktop searchers

Both Google and online users expect to be able to do anything on their mobile devices that they can do on the desktop version.

Using responsive design automatically allows for this to happen.

However, if you own an “m.” website, you’ll need to manually apply any and all adjustments that take place on the desktop version of your website.

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Julian ConnorsWhat Does Mobile SEO Mean?