News Flash: Content Isn’t The King You Should Be Bowing To

Content Is Not King | Albany SEO Services | SEO Without BordersThe idea that “content is king” is one of the most overused, over-hyped cliches used by inexperienced digital marketers.

Building Conversion Content

The idea behind this phrase is that adding new content to your website will generate significant levels of traffic, while also increasing the type of authoritative search rankings brands and businesses most desire.

While this type of cause and reaction system does contain some truth, it is not the complete truth.

Why Content Is Not The King of The World

I recently published a new article with Target Marketing Magazine that addresses this specific topic and lets strategists know how they need to create content in order to earn the type of results they expect.

You can view the article in its entirety or you can review the following details that summarize everything you need to know:

  • Content creation companies that focus on researching and understanding the search intentions of their target audiences are the only ones who can create content that actually drives conversions.
  • Companies like Skyword and Wordstream are successful at attracting the most qualified traffic because they:
    • Create unique content that is complimented with sufficient depth of information and details.
    • Properly embed internal and external links in strategic locations within an article or landing page.
    • Map their subjects to seasonal and other offline variables that drive online consumer interest.
  • Content creation firms that operate based on daily quotas are forced to offer their clients duplicate materials due to the lack of time dedicated for research. When this takes place at scale, clients (brands and businesses) can face possible penalties that affect their placement within search listings.

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Julian ConnorsNews Flash: Content Isn’t The King You Should Be Bowing To