PPC Buyer’s Journey For Consumers Near Clifton Park, New York

PPC Buyers Journey For Consumers Living In Clifton Park | SEO Without BordersUnderstanding the PPC Buyer’s Journey for consumers living near Clifton Park, New York is critical for maximizing qualified conversions.

Today, we will review the conversion funnel, as it relates to PPC, and how businesses throughout Upstate New York can increase the value of their ongoing paid search campaigns.

PPC Buyer’s Journey – Upper Funnel – Awareness

The point of entrance into our funnel is the initial stage, we seek to fill this by raising customer awareness, generating a desire for a product or service, or in seeking to fulfill an extant need.

PPC Buyer’s Journey – Mid Funnel – Consideration

Consumers at this level of the funnel are now aware of the product/service and have begun shopping around, comparing prices etc.

At this stage we are seeking to entice rather than educate.

The reason this section of the funnel is described as dealing with consideration and preference is that, by this time in the PPC buyer’s journey, many consumers will have decided what they want.

PPC Buyer’s Journey – Lower Funnel – Purchase

Consumers at this level know what they want and have intent to purchase; they may however have difficulties at the basket stage or require a final gentle nudge in the right direction.

This section takes in both purchase and loyalty because not only do we seek to convert at this point, but also to retain custom.

PPC Tactics To Use For Upper Funnel – Awareness

Google Display Network

Again enabling the building of brand or need awareness, regular and static GIFs can be placed using broad keyword and topical targeting (as well as strong branding) to build desire.

Display Advertising

Whether you use pop-out catalogs, static pop-outs, or video – ads using rich media formats are great for initial exposure.

By ensuring strong and consistent branding across formats, there is plenty to do that can raise awareness of a product or need.


Arrival on your Clifton Park business’s homepage demonstrates an initial interest or brand awareness.

With use of retargeting cookies, visitors that have gone no further than your home page can be targeted with branded ads to educate them on the scope and variety of products available through your site.

Search Campaigns

Search campaigns are, really, better used later in the funnel, but careful research of keyword and keyword intent, followed by intelligent broad keyword bidding, can place your ads in appropriate searches for the initial ‘query-level’ intent.

If your site has a blog, or informational pages, then these – rather than high intent landing pages are better to direct consumers to for this type of campaign.

Social Media Paid Ads

Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of the many other social media platforms now offering ad options, you can segment ads here by demographic to tighten the focus of specific ads, delivering a more individuated ad experience.

Social media paid ads also offer the benefit of reactive potential – where in addition to targeting users on stated, permanent interests, tweet topics or post content can be tracked to deliver pertinent, highly relevant ads to social media consumers.

PPC Tactics To Use For Mid Funnel – Consideration

Dynamic Remarketing

This is for those consumers that showed an initial interest, but for whatever reason were drawn away from the page.

The dynamic remarketing approach aims to get products in front of the consumer that they have already viewed, as well as other similar products.

By visiting a product page they have acknowledged a need, this kind of ad is to show them various ways of fulfilling that need with the intention of drawing them back in.

High Engagement Remarketing

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This variety of remarketing is really to re-engage with consumers that have shown a consistent high engagement with products or services previously (be careful to set your parameters for what constitutes ‘high engagement’ carefully, for this variety ad you really want to be targeting users with high time on site/page view to make the most of the campaign).

By showing products and services similar to those with which they have previously engaged, you can capitalize on an already high level of interest.

Previous Purchase Remarketing

Clearly those consumers that have already made a purchase will have been delighted with your supply and after sales services, now is the time to begin offering them linked products and services – whether this is by way of offering accessories for electronic or fashion purchases, or service extensions and upselling packages, this method of marketing seeks to capitalize on a consumers previous enjoyment of your offering and increase their attachment to your brand for subsidiary or followup purchases.

Search Campaigns

Search campaigns at the mid-funnel level will focus on a suitable mid-level intention – such as the search for product descriptions, comparisons and reviews.

Using keyword strategies which target search terms at this level of the buyer’s journey the aim is to convince consumers that not only is the product or service they are researching is the right one, but that they should be buying it from you.

PPC Tactics To Use For Lower Funnel – Purchase

Google Shopping Campaigns

Via the Google Shopping Search vertical, consumers with an easily defined, high intention to purchase can be targeted specifically with image and promotion based ads, which seeks to capitalize on their high intent searches.

By ensuring your products and services are in front of them at this stage, you have a much higher chance of reaping the conversion they are about to make.

In addition to this – if you have ensured your brand has been raising awareness at all other stages of the journey, the trust and awareness levels at this stage are likely to be high.

Remarketing (cart/basket abandons)

It is safe to assume at this stage that the consumer is ready to make a purchase, but that there is something holding them back from clicking that final button leading to conversion.

At the point of leaving the basket there can be a number of factors – from time issues, to payment method, price or delivery method.

Depending on where they abandoned, seek to offer quick fixes, offers and alternatives to enable them to make the purchase both sides now want to make.

Search Campaigns

Search campaigns in the lower funnel category are all about the push to purchase.

By bidding on high purchase intent keywords, however, you are likely to face stiff competition. It is your responsibility for search campaign ads at this stage to really heighten the desirability of your brand over the others that will likely be competing for their attention.

Provided you have been nurturing the buyer’s journey at the other funnel levels you will have developed a level of trust and brand awareness that will put you ahead, but now is the time to push promotions, discounts and other payment options which will really elevate your brand over the competition.

A well-executed keyword strategy here is worth the extra cost entailed in the bidding process, because at this stage you will be competing on the quality of your ads and merchandise for a far higher percentage chance of conversion.

Loyalty Remarketing

Loyalty remarketing primarily targets previous converters, seeking to capture return custom through upselling and accessories.

By tailoring ads to previous purchases, it is possible to predict needs – so that sunglasses purchases could lead to remarketing ads for other ‘holiday’ themed accessories, while those taking out a free trial subscription can be targeted for upgrade to premium packages, thereby seeking to capitalise on an initial positive interaction to drive repeat custom

How Our PPC Campaigns Drive Revenue For Businesses Throughout Clifton Park

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Data-Driven PPC Campaigns

The reason we included analytics dashboards with our PPC Toolkit, is that a successful strategy is based on high-quality research and reporting.

Though the occurrence of ‘remarketing’ strategies at each point of the funnel can make it seem tempting to allow your retargeting cookies to do all the work, not only does this risk missing out on searchers which, though their intent and brand awareness may be high, may not have visited your site, it also precludes the necessary mid campaign monitoring and experimentation that is necessary to make the most of your campaigns.

The chance of setting a remarketing (or any) campaign in motion which is perfect from the outset is slim, so by ensuring that you have regular, quality data gathering and reporting, you can catch potential missed opportunities, whether by using multivariate tests or adding campaigns for anything you may have overlooked initially, or capitalizing on the possibilities RLSA (remarketing lists for search) which enables you to narrow focus and increase individual relevance by encompassing both search behavior and behavior on site.

Future Proof PPC 

As the buyer’s journey increasingly takes place across platforms and devices, it is also important that campaigns take this into account when deciding which ads to focus where.

By thoroughly analyzing historical data on previous conversions across devices and interactions, it is possible to discover what consumers are doing when, where and at what time.

Once we have clear data on consumer behavior we can make decisions as to how to segment ad placements using the full gamut of placement options and networks in order not only to improve the likelihood of earning a conversion, but also to make it easier for consumers to find your company and products at each stage of their buyer’s journey.

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