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The research shows it, and the industry experts agree.

Marketers around the world continue to get great results from the e-mail marketing services SEO Without Borders manages for businesses throughout Albany, NY.

E-mail Marketing For Small Businesses In Albany, NY

But there’s a catch – competing for sustained attention in the inbox is no picnic. How do you keep your messages fresh, interesting, and directly relevant to your target audience?

How do you create campaigns that get your readers excited when they hear their e-mail “ping” with a new message from your brand?

Make E-mail Campaigns Work With Mobile

Since half of all e-mail opens are happening on mobile devices, it’s important to keep mobile-friendliness in mind when you design your templates.

Let’s take a look at some ways to create better user experiences on mobile devices and increase engagement.

Responsive Design

Responsive design changes to fit the screen size of the reader. It means the content will be resized, relocated, or removed based on the client or device being used.

This method uses CSS media queries to adapt design elements for smaller screens.

5 Ways to Maximize Mobile E-mail Conversion For Businesses In Albany, NY

Provide plenty of white space: You should already be doing this to improve readability.

Email marketing with social media | SEO Without BordersOn mobile it’s even more important: it provides a small “safety net” for your design and also leaves room for finger-focused navigation.

  • Leave room for the copy: Due to differences in font rendering between different platforms, fonts are not always the same size or width between one browser or mail client and another.Mobile HTML rendering engines will sometimes resize small text to be more readable, and white space gives this text room to expand.You’ll want to allow some margin of error here as text grows, shrinks, or shifts slightly between devices.
  • Keep load times short: Long load times cause visitors to abandon your e-mail.Big images are the main reason file sizes get huge, so keep your image sizes down.
  • Don’t assume everyone is using the latest device or has a great connection.Some mobile devices are older and slower, or your recipients may be downloading content over a lower-grade connection.
  • Optimize the pre-header text: On mobile e-mail applications (as well as some desktop e-mail clients), the subject line can appear above the first line of your e-mail copy. Make sure these two lines of text work together (rather than just repeating each other).

E-mails designed with all screen sizes in mind will not only increase engagement and click-throughs, but they’ll also make your brand stand out (in a positive way) in the spirit of your audience.

Create Custom Emails That Align with Consumer Intention

Using personalization in your e-mail campaigns is an excellent way to jump-start long-term relationships with your customers.

Let’s take a look at best practices for personalizing e-mail messages.

First, make sure you have the data to customize your campaigns. Check your customer list or CRM and find out which fields you can use.

Or, you can use marketing automation to gather information about the web pages people visit and the content they download and send e-mails targeted to the interests their behavior reveals.

5 Ways To Personalize Emails For Better Conversions & Click-Through

  • Confirm that your list contains all the data you want to use for personalization.
  • If the data is in ALL CAPS, change it to Sentence Case before including it in your campaigns.
  • Make sure your marketing automation solution can adapt the e-mail if the data is missing from the field by removing surrounding text and replacing it with a generic message.
  • Send confirmation e-mails asking your contacts if their information is correct.
  • Use a preference center to capture information like preferred prefix and name, and which topics they want to receive mail about.

Once you have the basics covered, you can consider a variety of options when it comes to personalizing messages. Turn the page for a few ideas.

Personalize Based on Location

E-mail Marketing Statistics | SEO Without BordersLocation personalization means sending an e-mail with details about local weather, sports teams, events or any other geographically relevant information.

Customize a campaign based on seasons and weather-related events, or send out information about sales happening in a nearby store.

Personalize Base on Activities

Behavior-based personalization means sending a message based on the particular behavior of a customer or prospect.

Create an automated e-mail program that triggers an e-mail to go out instantly in response to some pre-defined actions, with content that’s customized based on what the customer or prospect is interested in.

Personalize Based on Roles

Role-based personalization means targeting the right person with the right message based on their job.

Create e-mail campaigns that include distinct messaging and content based on the top 2-3 roles, job titles, or personas your company targets.

Personalize Base on Conversion Path

Lifecycle stage personalization means targeting messages to your audience based on where they are in the conversion funnel.

Send an onboarding message with educational content and power-user tips when a customer is first learning how to use your product.

A solid personalization strategy is essential for prospect engagement, conversion, and long term trust.

And the right marketing automation solution can make it easy to create and send customized messages that get results.

Maximize E-mail Exposure Through Social Media

E-mail and social media can be a powerful combination, but to get the most value out of both, it’s important to look at them as complementary.

At the very least, you’ll want to make sure your e-mail campaigns do, in fact, include links to your social networks.

But what kind of links?

There’s a difference between sharing and connecting on social media.

Sharing: These links make it possible for your subscribers to share the e-mail (or a part of it) with their social network.

For example, if you included a surprising statistic in an email, you could include a link to “Tweet this fact!”

This is a good way to get more visibility for your brand and possibly acquire new leads as well.

Connecting: This is where you ask your e-mail recipients to follow your brand on LinkedIn, follow you on Twitter, “Like” your Facebook page, subscribe to your YouTube channel, and so on.

For example, if you send an e-mail with a link to an educational video, you might encourage your readers to subscribe to your YouTube channel for more valuable videos.

It’s a great way to deepen your relationship with your customers and prospects.

No matter what type of social link you’re providing, make sure the value of sharing or connecting with your brand is evident right up front, and that you’re using the social media platforms that make the most sense for your audience.

5 Without Borders Avoids Common E-mail Marketing Mistakes

  • Don’t drive a person to a Facebook page – or any other social media site – that doesn’t reflect the branding and design of your company. If you do, chances are good they’ll click away.
  • Don’t use social media just to sell something. Start with a conversation.
  • Don’t forget to listen and respond to customers. Do it as quickly as possible – preferably in real time.
  • Don’t let your social site become a ghost town. If you’re not using it, stop linking to it.
  • Don’t start on too many social channels at once. Start where your customers are right now and branch out. Once you get it right, social media can be a powerful ally for your e-mail marketing. It’s also an excellent way to acquire new customers.

Let SEO Without Borders Satisfy Your E-mail Marketing Needs

SEO Without Borders is the most experienced SEO company in New York State at developing and executing successful e-mail marketing campaigns. Period.

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This type of experience means that you are connected with a service provider that knows the complete ins-and-outs of e-mail marketing, ensuring that you can see an immediate return on your investment.

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