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Landing page optimization is the foundation that supports successful SEO marketing campaigns for businesses throughout Albany, NY.

Once you’ve done all the work of attracting visitors to your site, they’re the key to making the connection – and getting the conversion.

Most of us use landing pages as conversion tools, and they’re among the most potent ones we have. The copy around the link makes a promise (such as “Learn how to…”), and the landing page pays that off by offering something of value (an eBook, video, podcast, or any kind of content your ideal buyer will appreciate).

Landing Page Optimization For SEO

Here’s the catch: Your visitor has to want the content enough to trade their contact information for it. They get valuable information in return – and the better it is, the more it fulfills the promise and the better you look to that potential buyer.

You get at least the name and email of someone who’s motivated to investigate your product, service, or industry. That’s a nice start to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Like everything else in marketing, landing pages are a blend of art and science.

The investment you make in time and talent means that you need these pages to pay you back with leads that convert, and useful information about those leads.

Let’s take a look at the building blocks of a good landing page and learn six best practices for creating pages that get great results.

Creating Great Copy

There are four key components of effective landing page copy.

The header copy (this may also include sub-header copy), an introductory paragraph, benefit statements, and a call to action.

Let’s look at each of these in detail.

Strong Headline Copy

The headline needs to describe the offer and benefit in plain language.

A visitor needs to understand what you’re offering in three seconds or less by glancing at the headline. Make sure that any offer or promotion you make wherever the reader finds your link (in social media, on a web page, in an ad) connects with what’s in the headline.

Any shift in tone or specifics will create uncertainty. If your copy addresses several different points, consider sub-headers to help the reader understand your messaging at a glance.

Like your headline, your sub-headers need to be clear and concise. Humor is fine – as long as it doesn’t impede clarity and is in line with your brand’s character.

Intro Paragraph

Anatomy of a Landing Page | SEO Without Borders

The introductory paragraph is used to introduce the product, service, or offer in more detail.

It is used to create the “story” for the reader and to give more information about the details of the offer or promotion.

For example, if your offer is an eBook, you would use the introductory paragraph to tell the reader about the content of the eBook and give reasons why they would want to read it.

“Looking to save time? Learn the 6 shortcuts to excellence…”

Benefit Statement

Benefits are very important in helping the reader understand how your product, service or offer will help them.

The most common mistake is listing features instead of benefits. The reader is interested in how you can make their life better, not in how many buttons your widget has.

The benefit statements should tell the reader how you’ll solve their problems, not about the specific features of the product or service.

You don’t want to leave your reader trying to figure out for themselves how your product or service can benefit them. “So what?” is not the response you’re trying to evoke.

When creating your benefit statements, consider using bulleted lists. This adds white space, makes it easier for visitors to read and digest your copy.

Keep bullets short and succinct. Long, complex bullet points defeat the purpose of using bullets in the first place – which to make your benefits crisp and clear, and to keep your reader moving through your copy.

Clear Call to Action

What do you want visitors to do on this page? Download your eBook? Register for a webinar? View a video? Purchase an item?

Whatever your objective, the call to action must clearly point out the action you want the visitors to take and make it easy for them to take it.

Write Landing Page Copy with SEO in Mind

If you’re developing landing pages for specific search terms, try to incorporate the keyword prominently in both the page copy and headline.

Make sure the overall message reflects what searchers are looking for when they type in that query.

However: Do not stuff a keyword into the page where it doesn’t sound natural. Don’t forget that you are writing for people, not search engines.

Plus, search engines are getting better at using semantics to find and return results, so synonyms and words that naturally co-occur with your keyword are helpful as well.

Provide Irresistible Offers

Your offer should be compelling enough to make the visitor want to take the action you desire once they view your landing page.

This action (or conversion) could be submitting a form, purchasing a product, signing up for a trial, calling a sales person, etc. Again, understanding what action you want the visitor to take is a key component of a successful landing page.

Offers that convert share two characteristics. First, they provide something that the prospect wants. Second, the offer is valuable enough for the prospect to take action.

A/B Testing

Once you’ve built a new landing page, fine-tuned the copy, crafted a compelling offer, and created the perfect form, you’re ready to watch the leads roll in, right?


Now it’s time to test. Testing and optimizing your landing page should be a regular part of your campaign process.

You’ll be surprised once in a while, and as you test you’ll understand incrementally more about your audience and what they respond to.

More important, even small improvements can mean exponential change when we’re talking about conversions. This approach tests one landing page against another landing page.

The only difference between the two pages is one single element, such as the color of a download button. This test shows conclusively whether changing that sole element impacts your conversion rate.

Multivariate Testing

This method is much more complex than A/B testing.

It involves testing multiple elements on a landing page in various combinations.multivariate testing | SEO Without Borders

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