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PPC Services For Small Businesses In Albany

You may have heard that a healthy dose of PPC advertising might be just what your business needs—but what is PPC advertising? PPC stands for pay-per-click.

It is the standard term for advertising your products and services on search engines, social media platforms and across the web.

You may also hear PPC called cost-per-click (CPC) or search engine marketing (SEM). Now you know the name for those ads that pop up when you search on Google.

Each time someone searches for a keyword on Google, there is an instant auction to determine which ads will show. These auctions are controlled in part by bids set by each business that advertises through AdWords.

The company determines how much they are willing to pay for a click on their ad for that particular keyword. That bid, as well as a keyword rating called a “Quality Score,” will determine which ads get shown and in what order.

If a user clicks on an ad, that business is charged for the click (hence the name pay-per-click).

How PPC Works For Albany’s Small Business Owners

  • You set up an account with a PPC advertising platform like Google AdWords
  • You choose keywords and demographic information to select an audience to advertise to
  • You create ads to be shown to that audience
  • You pay each time someone clicks on your ads

Let SEO Without Borders show you how to set up a PPC account, create audience-targeted campaigns using keywords and manage your budget and leads.

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How Adwords Works

Google AdWords is the number one PPC advertising platform on the web.

Google gets over one billion search queries every day.

Advertising with AdWords means you can pick which of those billion search queries you want to show your ads for. PPC advertising with AdWords is a great way to find potential customers searching for products and services that you offer.

Create engaging ads that entice potential customers, and drive those customers to a web page on your site that generates leads or sales for your business.

Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising Right For Me?

PPC Adertising for Businesses In Albany, NY | SEO Without BordersShould PPC become a revenue source for your business?

Analyze the pros and cons of PPC advertising to determine if your business can find a profitable place in Google AdWords.

Immediate Traffic and Conversions

You can set up an account with Google AdWords, add your payment information and begin showing ads today.

You will want to spend some time building your campaigns and keyword lists (we’ll discuss that later), but you can start advertising as soon as you are ready. You will be able to see how many impressions and clicks your ads are receiving after only a 2-3 hour delay.

This makes it easy to analyze ad performance while the ads are showing.

You Control How Much You Spend

Managing your budget with AdWords is simple: you set the daily spend amount for each campaign grouping, and that determines how many times your ads will be clicked.

Readjust your budget as often as you like— reducing spend for under-performing campaigns and reallocating it to more successful campaigns.

At a more granular level, you can adjust how much you want to pay per click on individual keywords.

This allows you to develop highly-targeted budgets which spend money on the search queries that bring conversions to your business.

You Can Turn Off Your Adwords Campaign Anytime

There aren’t any contracts with AdWords.

You pay for the clicks on your ads. If you want to stop showing ads, you can pause them at any time and stop spending money.

And it’s easy to come back to campaigns you have paused and rework them to be more profitable in the future.

PPC Costs Less Than Television or Radio Commercial Spots In Albany, NY

Building an AdWords account of keywords that are highly related to your products and services can be a much cheaper option than traditional marketing.

A click on a PPC ad can cost the advertiser anywhere from $0.50 to $30, depending on the competition in your industry.

The average cost is around $3.50 per click. If you’re advertising on the keyword “fitted trucker hats,” which Google estimates will have a cost-per-click of $0.71, a user that clicks your ad and buys a trucker hat for $25 will net you a nice profit.

Targeting the right audience with the right keywords can lead to an advertising campaign with a great return on investment.

You Can Target Customers In Albany, Saratoga, Clifton Park, and Troy.

ppc case study for Worcester small business owners | SEO Without Borders

Average PPC ROI for Our Clients Located Throughout Albany, NY

The custom advertising options of AdWords are what make the program excellent. Select which search queries you want your ads to appear for.

Select which locations and demographics you want to see your ads.

You can easily determine which keywords are bringing leads and sales to your site.

As your account gathers more clicks and data, you can continue to refine your keyword list and targeting options to reach only the potential customers that are valuable to your business.

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