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SEO Without Borders is the leading Albany SEO company for customer service and results, serving hundreds of entrepreneurs and national brands over the last ten years.

Our commitment to providing all of our client’s superior customer service, combined with our ability to create exceptional SEO services that drive measurable growth, are why we can command a 90% client retention rate.

Our team’s in-depth experience developing SEO services for a multitude of verticals and brands allows us to provide a more sophisticated level of detail around key points of optimization that support online visibility, qualified traffic, and successful conversions.


We Break Down The Borders Around Albany, New York SEO Services


The truth is, if you were to search for an “Albany SEO Company” right now, you’d be confronted with some agencies and freelance strategists that all offer some grand claim that speaks to their credibility.

From increasing your traffic close to 100% in next to no time to getting you ranked on the first page of Google in less than a day, it seems that everyone has the answers when it comes to increasing your online presence.

While anyone can recommend creating content or to develop a keyphrase strategy, there are very few agencies and individuals who can make your content engaging and your website completely profitable.

Experience is everything when it comes to creating and executing a successful SEO campaign that doesn’t just drive traffic but drives qualified conversions on a continuous basis.


Best In Class SEO Services


As SEO has evolved over the last decade, so have we.

Our team has grown from primarily focusing on in-depth technical markup and metadata, which helped drive keyword rankings before 2010, to understanding how today’s search landscape demands that websites offer original content that keeps consumers engaged.


Experience Matters


We understand how SEO works in today’s landscape because we implemented various systems on day one of our company’s history that records our efforts and allows us to know with pinpoint accuracy:

  • What specific types of content drive the most qualified traffic and engagement per vertical (e.g. blog articles vs. videos vs. white papers).
  • When ideal time to publish content are to align with peak consumer activity
  • What specific words, concepts, and subjects each vertical’s target audience uses when searching online
  • How to maximize brand exposure through the complete incorporation of social media (a concept known as “Social SEO”)
  • Where the highest quality and most relevant links are

Our SEO services are developed by account managers, campaign strategists, and search marketing architects who all have a minimum of seven years of experience creating customized, wide-scale campaigns that drive qualified traffic + successful conversions.


Google Certified


To provide our clients with the most in-depth insight around the ongoing performance of their campaigns, all of our staff are Google Certified when it comes to using various analytic platforms.

This is critical to your success, as we can show you exactly how our efforts have provided a return on your investment.

These certifications ensure that you can work with a team of professionals who understand how to set up specific filters and tracking systems that report on the KPIs that matter the most to your business’s growth.


Customized Monthly Reports


Custom SEO Progress Reports | SEO Without BordersFor your business to successfully grow its online presence, you need to be completely aware of how our SEO services are performing and benefiting your company at all times throughout the year.

You also need to understand what specific steps your agency is taking to fulfill your established goals.

That’s why we offer all of our clients comprehensive custom progress reports that include specific details that justify all efforts and results.


How Your Traffic Interacts With Your Website


We map out and show you specific behavioral patterns that reflect exactly how your visitors progress throughout your company’s website, offering recommendations that allow you to increase your online conversions continuously.

Also, we can show you exactly how qualified your traffic is based on some user engagement metrics. If your traffic is growing each month, your visitors are spending a significant amount of time on your website and are browsing some pages before leaving your site; you know you’re in great hands!


How Many Conversions You’ve Earned


Our ability to set up custom conversion and goal tracking allow you to see exactly how many online consumers filled out a submission form or purchased one of your services.

This type of insight allows you to see in real-time just how effective your campaign is, as well as how much more revenue you’ve gained over time.


How You Compare Against Your Competitors


From the number of pages, your website has indexed within search engines to how many quality links your brand has attracted; we will continuously show you how you stack up against your top competitors.

Each monthly progress report includes specific recommendations and strategies around how you can capitalize on any ‘low hanging fruit’ opportunities that exist, as well as how you can absorb a larger share of the online market your business competes within.


Consumer Trends


SEO Without Borders utilizes some state-of-the-art tools that allow us to understand how seasonal and other offline trends are going to affect traffic behavior that affects your SEO services.

This allows us to continuously remain agile in that we can successfully prepare for any upcoming quiet periods or capitalize on peak opportunities.


What Your Most Popular Landing Pages Are


Each month, our team will be able to show you exactly which landing pages are responsible for driving the most traffic and what can be done to increase the value of those that are underperforming.

From increasing the word count on a particular service page or adding videos to the “About Us” section of your site, we can show you exactly what SEO services are necessary to make your website more well-rounded, authoritative, and competitive.


How Many Links You’ve Earned


Our ability to attract quality links to your website is directly connected to our ability to increase your keyword rankings and organic authority successfully.

Although the process of link building has become more difficult as search engines continue to improve their standards around relevancy, we can execute some tactics that help grow your backlink portfolio.

You will know exactly how many links our efforts have attracted, what type of third-party websites each link comes from, and how authoritative those third-party sites are.


Keyword Rankings


Build Organic Keyword Rankings For Businesses In Albany, NY | SEO Without BordersWhile other agencies may shy away from any discussion that involves keyword rankings, we are more than happy to report on your top keywords each month.

Every report comes equipped with a complete chart that outlines the rankings connected to the terms and phrases your business depends on for conversions.


The History of SEO – “To Know Your Future, You Must Know Your Past.”


This quote comes from the Classical American Philosopher George Santayana and couldn’t be truer when it comes to an understanding how to approach SEO correctly.

Over the last six years alone, a variety of search engine systems has emerged that affect how local, small, and midsize businesses develop their organic campaigns.

Known as “algorithm refreshers,” Google has released a large variety of updates that scrutinize the validity, credibility, and relevance of websites.

Some of the considerations these types of updates include are:

  • The size of your website
  • The amount of text your landing pages contain
  • The number of internal links your website and each landing page has
  • How much of your content is considered to be loosely or completely duplicated
  • Timeline of Google’s Updates


  • Their purpose
  • The specific areas each refresher scrutinizes
  • The types of penalties they issue to websites that are deemed to be malicious or spammy

Allows you to remain proactive when it comes to protecting and supporting your online properties.

The following concepts represent a few of the algorithm refreshes that Google has released over the last six years.

Title: May Day
Date Released: May 2010
Observations: SEO strategists and digital marketers witnessed significant fluctuation in their long-tail keyword traffic. It was later confirmed by Google representatives that it was an algorithm change that primarily impacted long-tail search queries. Sites with large-scale thin content were primarily targeted and penalized, foreshadowing what would eventually become “Panda.”

Title: Social Signals
Date Released: December 2010
Observations: The top two most popular search engines Google and Bing both confirmed that they include social signals when determining organic rankings, including social signals that derive from platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Title: Panda
Date Released: February 2011
Observations: One of the first major algorithm updates that had a dramatic impact on websites’ ability to successfully rank. Affecting 12% of all search results, Google’s “Panda” identified and penalized websites that:

  • Contained excessive amounts of thin content
  • Were considered to be content farms
  • Possessed excessive ad-to-text ratiosPanda continues to roll out, usually affecting less than 1% of all search results

SEO and Google Update History | SEO Without BordersTitle:
Date Released: June 2011
Observations: Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo all announced their joint support for a consolidated approach to developing and implementing structured data. They created some new ‘schemas,’ to provide more details within search results around businesses and their services.

Title: Penguin
Date Released: April 2012
Observations: Websites considered to be ‘over optimized’ through keyword stuffing, link manipulation, and other ‘black hat’ tactics were penalized, ranging from limited to complete deindexation within search results.

Title: Hummingbird
Date Released: August 2013
Observations: Considered to be a core algorithm update that changed how search crawlers align with semantic search, or search engines’ ability to extract meaning from long-tail phrases and mobile applications like Siri and Cortana.


Let Us Bring Your SEO Presence To The Next Level


We offer a free consultation and a custom plan of action to all of our potential clients, to show you exactly what SEO services are required to bring your online presence to the next level.

By giving us a call to discuss what type of SEO services we can develop to meet your business objectives and online goals, we can take the first step toward a more profitable future.

We cater to a large variety of B2B/B2C verticals and businesses that include:

  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Heating and Air
  • Chiropractic
  • Personal Injury
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Non-profit
  • Pest Control
  • IT
  • Cloud Services
  • Dental
  • Entertainment

Each client that receives custom SEO services also has access to their dedicated account manager, content strategists, and website developer.

Our business depends on the success of our clients, so providing superior customer service that’s complimented with excellent results is why we can continue to support so many entrepreneurs throughout Albany and Saratoga County.

We aren’t influenced by the SEO industry where our teams simply read tips and advice articles and regurgitate someone else’s recommendations. We carefully craft custom solutions that only attract the most engaged, qualified audiences and conversions.

We are available Monday through Friday and can be reached online through our “Contact” page or by phone at 617.368.0527.

You can also follow us on our social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook to see more of our work, our culture, and our vision for success!

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