A Simple Guide To PPC Advertising Pt 3: Targeting & Campaign Settings

PPC Bidding and Targeting Services For Businesses Near Clifton Park

So you have now developed a list of keywords that are relevant to your Clifton Park business and have created your pay-per-click (PPC) ads – now you need to decide who, where and when you’re going to show them.

You can use your settings to target a specific audience within Clifton Park and tweak them at any time to improve a campaign’s performance.

You can select the specific ‘networks’, or combination of networks, that your paid ads will be shown throughout Clifton Park. If you select ‘search network’, your ad will appear in the search engine results pages, as well as any of its related search sites.

For AdWords, this would mean Google’s search engine including Google Shopping and Google Maps and also its search partners’ results, for example, AOL and Ask Jeeves.

You also have the option to select ‘display network’ (also known as ‘content network’).

PPC Targeting

You can also target your campaign by:

  • Specific location and language
  • Specific days of the week or time of the day (known as ad scheduling)
  • Device (ie, choose whether your ad appears to mobile users)

How many people in Clifton Park are clicking on your ad (your CTR)?

What are they doing when they get to your website’s landing page – are they buying, downloading your app, filling in a form?

One of the biggest advantages of paid search is the ability to track the progress and success of your campaigns. This allows you to then maximise the return on your investment (ROI).

By tracking these conversions, you’ll know which ads, keywords and campaigns are the most successful. This will help you invest more wisely in the best ones and ultimately, boost your ROI.

Make sure your campaigns have conversion tracking setup, otherwise you are effectively spending money in the dark.

PPC Bidding

Once you’ve selected your keywords, you need to decide the maximum you are willing to pay for each click and set a bid, taking into account your budget and the potential value of each click to your business.

Popular keywords and those with a lot of competition from other advertisers will require a higher bid.

Your bid ultimately determines not only how much each click will cost (your CPC); it is also a deciding factor in where your ad will be ranked on search engine results pages.

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Julian ConnorsA Simple Guide To PPC Advertising Pt 3: Targeting & Campaign Settings