A Simple Guide To SEO For Businesses Near Clifton Park Pt 1: Content Optimization

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Keyword research tools such as the Google Keyword Planner Tool are a great to use for content optimization, as well as to see how consumers throughout Clifton Park generally look for information or services.

You’ll get better information if you can access the tool through an AdWords account (these are free), but there is anonymous access as well, through which you can get basic information.

Content Optimization for Clifton Park Businesses

Once you access the tool, you can get a rough estimate of how many searches are happening each month on a specific term.

You can filter by location, languages, devices people are using to access the search engines and other factors.

You’ll also want to find out what kind of words consumers might use to search for the type of content that you produce.

You can do this by:

  • Asking customers how they would find a specific product or category
  • Analyzing existing search engine referrals
  • Researching external keyword databases
  • Listing product names (and their generic equivalents)

However, keep in mind that the quality of your content is key and that you are writing for real people and not the search engines.

If you do start to go overboard on your content optimization efforts and shoving multiple keywords into each article, Google may very well penalize you.

Along with the other major search engines, Google constantly looks for websites that violate their terms and conditions. Search engines continually update their algorithms to automatically detect pages and websites trying to cheat the system.

They also have manual web spam teams in place, i.e. humans that look for spam and follow up on spam reports. A penalty could result in a huge drop in rankings and seriously affect your chances of ever ranking again in the future and ultimately generating business results.

What type of language to use before you start writing your content, you’ll also need to consider what kind of words your audience uses.

Content optimization is all about determining what words your target audience use when talking about your products, the industry you are in, or anything else related.

Of course, these will vary based upon their demographic, age, gender etc. Search engines are getting much better at trying to understand searcher intent. They look at the whole query that searchers type in rather than individual words.

The Hummingbird update was designed to better understand more ‘conversational’ types of searches that have become increasingly common with the rise in mobile and voice activated searches.

But it is still important to remember certain differences in language for audiences in different locations.

For example, suppose you manufacture automotive accessories. You want to promote a new anti-slip mat for car boots. You should write about “boot liners” for a UK audience but, for a US audience, searching for “boot liners” will bring up very different results.

Optimizing Keywords To Attract Organic Visitors Throughout Clifton Park

keyword optimization services | seo without borders

Long tail keywords “Long tail” are low competition, low volume keywords.

It’s estimated that over 70% of Google search terms are long tail. They are used by people looking for something very specific: “digital camera” is short and general (710M results); “canon digital rebel xti 10.1mp digital slr ef-s 18-55mm f/3.5- 5.6 lens” is long and specific (54k results).

Long tail keywords:

  • Bring more targeted visitors to your site
  • Are less competitive
  • Clearly illustrate the searcher’s intent
  • Keep visitors on your site for longer (if you’ve met their exact needs)

In general, your shorter and more general keywords are useful for traffic in the early part of the buyer’s journey, when people are doing broad research; long tail keywords are more useful for people who skew toward the end of the process, who know exactly what they’re looking for, especially since the roll out of Hummingbird.

A good way of thinking about content when you want to target a long-tail keyword is that you’re writing for 10 really interested potential customers, rather than 100 ones that are just browsing if you target a more generic keyword.

Also, don’t forget to bear in mind your landing page strategy when it comes to selecting your long tail keywords and the type of content you write for a page.

It needs to be relevant to the product/service and help your visitor to convert.

Julian ConnorsA Simple Guide To SEO For Businesses Near Clifton Park Pt 1: Content Optimization