A Simple Guide To SEO For Businesses Near Clifton Park Pt 1: Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience | A Simple Guide To SEO | SEO Without Borders

The most important thing you need to do if you want to increase the SEO performance of your Clifton Park business is to know your audience and to make sure that your site is brimming with great, relevant content.

And the first step in writing great content for the web is learning about your audience. You aren’t writing web content simply because you enjoy writing and you (hopefully) aren’t writing just to make the search engines happy.

That means that you should be writing for humans not robots, making the content something that users will genuinely want to read, engage with and share on their social channels.

This will, in turn, make for good SEO and help to pull users through the buying process, helping to increase conversions. In the early years of the web, overly optimized meta tags and pages of content that were stuffed with certain keywords and phrases were able to rank highly in search engines.

Although it was often unreadable, site owners didn’t really care as long as it was picked up by search engines. They were writing for the search engines and not humans so, although they may have been getting traffic to their site, their conversion rate would have remained fairly static as the content they were producing would not encourage visitors to make a purchase or trigger them into repeat business.

Now, however, Google penalizes sites that produce this type of content. This is why there has been an even more important focus in recent times on content.

If you produce content that is informative, entertaining, solves problems and provides readers with something worthwhile, this will generate traffic, will be more shareable on social media sites and will better place your brand as a good source of knowledge about your industry.

This is what will get you good results in the search engines. You should have a specific purpose in mind for the content and a specific type of reader to write for. If you’re new to writing for the web or are trying to reach a new audience, it’s worth going through a formal process to define your buyer personas.

This is a character representation of someone who defines your brand’s audience, helping you to better understand their needs and write content specifically for them.

Know Your Audience In Clifton Park

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To create a persona, start by by assessing your best customers throughout Clifton Park. Determine the characteristics they have in common and then create a persona that reflects them.

The aspects to define will vary depending on your industry, but for a B2B company, you might wish to determine whether your ideal visitor is…

  • In a specific industry
  • In a specific department
  • In a specific size of company
  • At a particular level of responsibility
  • In a specific geographic location

Using a particular tool or program For a B2C company, the characteristics of your ideal reader could include factors like:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Owner of a smart phone
  • Plays sports
  • Travels for work 12+ times annually

If you already have a strong understanding of your target audience in Clifton Park, do just a brief, informal persona review in your head before beginning work on content for your new web page or your next blog post.

Also, it’s worth considering the need-based journey of your site’s visitors.

Think about why they may have searched for something and what they wanted to achieve by doing so; does your content and the calls-to-action (CTAs) on your site’s pages help them to achieve their aim?

For example, a user searching for “cheap hotels in London” will want to view rooms that are reasonably priced and may be shopping for a late deal. Is the content of your web pages suited for this type of enquiry? Are your CTAs targeted to help this user get what they want?

Know What Clifton Park Consumers Want

know what customers in clifton park want | SEO Without Borders

Great, so you’ve identified your audience in Clifton Park.

Now you need to make sure that the content you produce connects with them. If it addresses the needs of your persona(s), it will be read more and shared more, helping it to rank better in search engines.

People search for a variety of reasons.

Common reasons in the B2B sector include searching to…

  • Understand a product category
  • Learn about a product or solution
  • Solve a specific business problem
  • Be informed about new approaches

Common reasons in the B2C sector include searching to…

  • Find the best deal
  • Find the closest location
  • Locate a product or service that’s advertised

Here’s a basic example of a buyer’s journey:

Awareness > Interest > Consideration > Purchase > Post-Purchase > Re-Purchase

You can think about this before beginning a piece of content. Is your persona:

  • Looking for a general category of information? (Awareness)
  • Looking for a solution to a specific problem? (Interest)
  • Looking for an enterprise solution? (Awareness-Interest)
  • Identifying and comparing specific products or vendors? (Consideration-Purchase)
  • Looking for help with one of your products they already own? (Post-Purchase)
  • Looking to replace or upgrade a product, and planning to remain loyal to you? (Re-Purchase)

Optimizing Your SEO Content To Rank Throughout Clifton Park

Although it’s important to focus completely on the reader and the quality of your content, a little optimization is needed to make it search engine friendly.

A keyword is the word (or phrase) you want searchers to find your page for. It should clearly identify what your page is about.

Your page content is (or should be) about one main thing. Choose a keyword that:

  • Represents your content well
  • A majority of searchers are likely to use when they want information about that one main thing.

Keyword Tips

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Your keyword can contain more than one word.

If your keyword contains several words, the order in which you use the words matters. For example, “plumbers in Clifton Park” is not the same as “Clifton Park plumbers” and returns different results.

Find keywords through research. Ask actual people in Clifton Park, drill down into social media, do a survey, see what’s already being used, and/or use keyword research tools such as the Google Keyword Planner Tool, Google Trends, Google Auto Suggest, Wordtracker, SEMrush and Ubersuggest.

Also, if you do paid search (PPC), the data that you can find in Google AdWords will be vital in finding out what’s already converting well.

After you’ve found out what’s already being used, look in your current analytics solution and see which words visitors to your website are currently using to find you.

More importantly, you must then analyse how effective these keywords are through bounce rates and conversions. For example, is it really worth targeting one keyword that generates 100 visitors to your site but has a 100% bounce rate and no conversions?

You can find more information in Google Webmaster Tools, which provides more detail about how a website is ranking organically.

This can be found under Search Traffic > Search Queries

  • Think about the kind of language your target/ideal reader is likely to use.
  • Target 3-5 keywords per page that are semantically related. These are different words that can relate to and convey the same theme/message.
  • Do not deliberately repeat a keyword several times throughout a piece of content! If it’s natural and not forced, this is OK.
  • Constructing a headline around your keyword or phrase can be a good way of immediately optimizing your content from the off.
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