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The concept of technical search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the more challenging subjects for Albany’s small business owners due to the level of complexity and intricacy associated with backend development.

Technical SEO Explained

When we refer to “technical SEO” we are addressing elements that pertain to how a particular website is structured for search efficiency.

Half of SEO’s success is dependent upon how well search crawlers are able to:

  • Recognize the purpose of a website
  • Recognize the type of content a website contains
  • Locate where content exists within a website
  • Pull such content back to the end user as quickly as possible.

Understanding core concepts and definitions that relate to technical SEO can help you maximize your qualified traffic by creating a website that is agile, efficient, and attractive to search crawlers.

What Are 404 Errors?

Usually when you see some version of “Sorry you’re seeing this, but it appears the information you’re
looking for no longer exists,” it’s a 404 error.

The HTTP 404 Not Found error indicates that the server could not find the page you tried to reach.

This indicates that a specific page may have been removed, or it may have been relocated, but its URL
was not changed accordingly. This type of error can also appear if you accidentally type in a wrong URL.

This can happen when you replace a product or service with something else, information is
re-purposed, and/or content is relocated to other sections of your website.

It’s not a great experience for your user, but you can control the formatting of the 404 pagers, so you can soften the effect.

You can add attractive graphics, for example, and provide links to pages the visitor might like to see.

What Are 301 Redirects?

301 redirects are communications between your website and search crawlers, which indicate that
content has been moved but can still be found in another location of your website.

You set them up when you have a reason to redirect the visitor to a certain page.

Redirects preserve the equity of your content so that you can maintain the type of online visibility
you’re used to.

And since the redirect is not obvious, most visitors will have an uninterrupted user experience and continue to engage with your brand.

What Is An XML Sitemap?

The best way to think of XML Sitemaps is to view them as blueprints of your website that search
engines can use to locate specific forms of information, as soon as possible.

While search engines are able to crawl any website on their own, being able to connect with an XML
Sitemap allows them to quickly, completely understand:

  • What your website represents
  • What specific forms and categories of content you have
  • Where your content is located
  • What level of priority each category of content represents in terms of:
  • How often they should be crawled
  • What type of visibility they should have
  • Which landing pages should be accessible to online users

When websites do not have this type of sitemap to reference, search engines essentially are left to
make their own decisions about your site.

What Is A Robots.txt File?

Webmasters and site owners create robots.txt (robots) files in order to offer specific instructions to
search engines as to what areas of their website should be crawled and indexed, or accessible to
online users.

Basically, when search crawlers want to pull content from your website, they refer to the robots
file to see whether or not you, as the site owner, want users to be exposed to particular forms of

Depending on the purpose of your website, these files can vary in the types of information they
protect and preserve.

Most of the time, areas of a website that require users to submit a username and password are included in the robots file in order to prevent this specific type of information from being indexed or engaged by general online users.

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