How To Turn Your Followers Into Customers With Facebook Paid Campaigns

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With so many people on Facebook – more than a billion people around the world in any given day – it’s a natural place to start your foray into paid social media advertising.

If you’ve been used to buying television or print, Facebook’s brilliant targeting options will delight you.

Facebook Paid Campaigns

With Facebook paid campaigns, you can create an ad in a few short minutes, and then target the ad to people based on age, gender, location or even an interest like biking, cooking, or gadgets.

You can target people by which device they use; you can even target people by what they do outside of
Facebook – for example, if they want to buy a house or travel abroad.

You can target ads to a narrow, focused group of people – for example, people in your geographic area who match certain demographics (e.g., male, female, young, old) with certain interests. Or you can target a broader audience in a larger geographic area with a wider range of interests.

You can even create custom audiences. For example, if you have the emails or phone numbers of your customers, Facebook can help you reach those people while they’re using the platform.

(Alternatively, you can exclude them from seeing ads you’re running in the event you’re looking for new customers who haven’t engaged with your brand previously.)

Promoted Facebook Posts

You can also pay to promote your organic  posts through Facebook paid campaigns, which will make sure more of your followers see them. Try this for a company event or a new product launch.

Include a call to action; you want to pay for more relevant engagement than a Like.

Make sure that the post has a shelf life – this isn’t a tactic for a flash sale – and let it run as an organic post first, so you can see what its natural engagement rate will be. If it’s over 1%, go ahead and make a good thing better– promote this post.

Facebook Paid Ads

Facebook paid campaigns costs anywhere from 15 cents to $1.00 or more per click, so figure out how many clicks you want to drive to your landing page and adjust your budget based on your projected cost per click.

When you are ready to set up a paid campaign on Facebook, you should test the results of two ads against each other. Plan on running more than one ad to you can test your way to success.

You can also test placement, running one ad in the (less expensive) right rail and one in the News Feed. Make sure your Facebook ads are highly visual with images and/or video.

And, when you are ready to launch your campaign, it’s important to know that Facebook allows you to set a lifetime budget amount for your ad so that it’ll stop running once your budget is depleted.

Julian ConnorsHow To Turn Your Followers Into Customers With Facebook Paid Campaigns