What Does Local SEO Mean For Albany’s Small Business Owners?

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Local SEO is the process of optimizing your business website so that you can gain more visibility within the specific community or locations that your company operates within.

Local vs. National SEO

Most of the tactics used to produce a successful national SEO campaign (good content, technical optimization, on-page factors, link earning, social engagement, etc.) are relevant and useful for increasing local rankings.

However, there are three specific concepts that are used primarily for supporting and increase a company’s local online authority:

  • Google+ Business Page
  • Citations
  • Reviews

Google Business Pages

Google Business Pages tend to populate within localized search results, which is why most small to midsize companies are encouraged to create and claim one.

These pages typically include a variety of top-level details, including:

  • Hours of operation
  • Location
  • Contact information
  • Testimonials/reviews
  • Product/service offerings

Using Citations To Rank Locally

Citations reference any place online that allows you to input your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) on one web page, in the same format as your Google+ Business Page.

Keeping all of your business’s details identical is critical for local SEO, as Google needs to see consistency in order to understand what information it needs to or should produce for local online users.

If you create directory entries on Yelp and on FourSquare, and a Google Business page, and the details across these three are inconsistent, search engines won’t be able to understand which version is correct.

This makes it more likely that they will move on and pull content from a competitive business.

Reviews play a pivotal role in supporting local online visibility as they provide meaningful information to other local, like-minded buyers about how effective, responsive, and beneficial your business is.

Nothing is as powerful as a word-of-mouth reference.

Having quality reviews on your Google Business Page is considered to be one of the most important local ranking factors by experienced SEO strategists.

Julian ConnorsWhat Does Local SEO Mean For Albany’s Small Business Owners?