What’s The Value of Metadata, As It Relates To SEO?

What is the value of metadata and seo | SEO Without Borders

The days of stuffing keywords into your website’s metadata in order to outrank your competitors are
long over.

Today’s search engines are much more sophisticated in how they pull content, and are more interested in connecting with websites that offer a superior user experience than one that has perfect page titles.

That’s not to say that metadata doesn’t still have an important role in building a successful SEO
campaign, it just shouldn’t be regarded as a singular means for increasing your rankings or monthly

To understand the value of each relevant form of metadata, take a look at the following
considerations, as they relate to SEO:

  • Page titles – Still contain slight influence for supporting rankings. Important because they show on the SERP, and are the first thing searchers see when searching online
  • Meta descriptions – Don’t support search rankings, but they’re important because they show on the SERP and so they influence click-through rate, they sell the story
  • Header tags – Minimal influence on keyword rankings, but when built properly, can support landing page visibility
  • URL structure – Supports search efficiency and keyword rankings to a slight degree
  • Image alt. Tags – Support visibility and click-through rate

Metadata Optimization Is Easy With SEO Without Borders

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Julian ConnorsWhat’s The Value of Metadata, As It Relates To SEO?